When Bitcoin Bubble Burst ?? Realty Behind Btc fall down, Latest Bitcoin News 23 Dec 17,


Is video me aap dekhnge Bitcoin ki kimat itna girne ki kya bajah thi aur kya bitcoin bubble he jo burst ho jayega? aur ek lottery de rahi hai 1025 bitcoin ka Jeckpot aur bhi taza khabren ….

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  1. Hi sirji
    my bhi aapka youtube ke channel ka subscriber hoon, aap ke video dekhne me maza aatha hai,
    aur inthzaar bhi rahatha hai,
    sirji mere kuch doubt hain: " India ne BTC ko regulate nahi kiya, sunwai nahi kartha, risk nahi letha, btc se
    kuch lenadena nahi hai ,aur legal bhi nahi kartha,
    tho income tax raid kyoon ??????????????????
    magar hum sob GST aur IGST dekar hi BTC transaction karthe hain na !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sirji aapka whatsapp number dijiye.
    mera number hai 934330230 , [email protected] BENGALURU
    Thanks sirji.

  2. Question: There was at least 10 Bitcoin Hard Forks between December 2017 and Jan 31 20s18. Each and everyone on them a wonderful new milestone for Bitcoin Speed and technology. Why is the media not talking about it? Not a mention, ….Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Super, Bitcoin Lightning, Bitcoin GOD, Bitcoin Platium, BItcoin Cash Plus, Bitcoin Silver, Bitcoin Uranium, Bitcoin United, Bitcoin Atom, Bitcoin BCX…. So why are we not hearing Nothing about it. All of these coins are better Tecnology than Bitcoin Cash> …..Why the silence?>?

  3. Sir Bitcoin me correction kya hoti hai. Kya meaning hota hai. Company Kya karti hai correction ke time me ?????

    Please Answers me ?????

  4. I have been using btc from 2014 – so Read it carefully —-For those indians who thinks bitcoin will touch 1cr or will go up all the time – Pleas stop thinking about this – bitcoin is fucked up, bitcoin does not have any good future now there are so mnay currencies in market . bitcoin is not that anonymous , bitcoin is not that fast when it comes to transaction , bitcoin takes too much fees when you send from 1 address to another – so there are more currencies like – verge for anonymity , ripple for fast transaction , iota free to send . So tell my why people would like to accept bitcoin on their shop when he has to wait for like 1 day or 2 days to confirm payment . So i want to tell you guys if you want to invest in crypto and wants to make great investment then buy ripple, iota , verge –

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