Why ALL your Characters Should be Bi (And it’s NOT why you think) (ft Legend of Korra)

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  1. Damn I hotdamn agree with everything this guy says. Avatat is my fav cartoon by far and the ending with the relationship of Korra really bothered me because the relationship between Korra and osami felt forced and just put in there for diversity. I don't mind diversity as long as it works with the story and doesn't hinder it but Korra did the opposite. I also felt ashamed in Nickelodeon that they made Korra date all of her friends because I think that takes away a part of the depth of her character and ultimately ruins her friendship with mako. I felt like a big reason why I didn't like Korra as much as I did for last air bender is because there was a lack of unity and friendship and unlike last airbender when everyone was friends but stronger friends and aang and katara we're together the ending felt like it was in harmony. But in Korra the ending felt dissonant due to her disconnected relationships with her friends. I hope avatar atleast has a new series with a better story V.V

  2. I think your point is good. I am sure a gay or bisexual person would rather see a well crafted and realistic straight relationship than a fake forced diversity gay relationship between the only two token gay characters in the show.

  3. down until you said a lot of gay couples = not realistic. theres plenty of gay people in this world

  4. Is it juste me… or does all this argumentation not make any sense? This has nearly nothing to do with having 100% bi characters… It's more of a freedom-in-the-writing-process thing.
    Why didn't you just say:
    "I don't enjoy how most of the current works put politics before the actual story, beeing forced to put gay relationships because there has to be at least one and forcing heterosexual relationships… because it is more 'socially acceptable' "
    Of course it's not enjoyable if the writers are forced to do something. In one word: "Just let the author alone, he'll write what he wants, not what society expect from him."

  5. To be honest, the reason why I felt this was "out of nowhere" was because the "bonding" you so spoke of, didn't feel like a "love interest" relationship, it was a trusted friend feeling, something that SHOULD also exist between characters without having to immediately shoehorn them into being love partners. It felt like a true friend buddy moment, and just turning it into a relationship like that kinda ruins it, heck, I would feel the same if it was opposite genders.

  6. to simplify all of this. have a relationship if it works, makes sense and you want to but don't make the relationship happen just because it can. DO NOT make same sex relationships any more important than normal relationships in any form of media and don't make relationships come together through generic and overused stories.

  7. Why you should write all your stories with a mandatory love subplot:

    Beacuse your readers are a bunch of loveless wankers that need a substitute for their sad and empty love life.

  8. Okay, so you're ignoring the fact that the vast majority of people are heterosexual. It doesn't make sense, unless it's relevant to your story, to make an imaginary world where everyone's sexuality is the same. You're arguing that people should write more freely by… restricting the way they write?

  9. I rather have them be asexual. ANY kind of unwarranted ships PISS ME OFF. Like calm down they're just talking, stop shipping them.

    Which is why One Piece is awesome.

  10. I was kinda iffy going in but now I'm glad I did because this video is genius. Great job dude.

    Also lowkey you're absolutely right on the Evo and Naruto bit lol.

  11. I feel like what you say is reasonable, but there's other ways to get around the shoehorning relationship issue. But, this is a good shortcut.

  12. I kind of disagree, but I think it's just because you're simplifying things, and because I think part of the problem you're raging against is the very same sort of thing your solution would do: define characters' sexuality with… other characters.

  13. Peter Parker and Hary Osborne (the 2018 spider man tv show). Or at least a gay/bisexual Harry Osborn one sided story. They have so much chemistry together.

  14. Yeah, except that I don't want all my characters to be bi. Is everyone alive bi? No.
    So why should all the characters be bi.

  15. I don’t think every character should be written bi, when it comes to a Characters sexuality, it should never be the first thing to be considered when it comes to a piece of media. I see where you are coming from, but the issue is that you are basing your argument on the idea of why not and common stereotypes in media.
    Sometimes when it comes to developing a character, writers like to but their character into full detail, and often times that happens before the creation of a show or movie. This can help the final product be overall good. If you are good at writing a story, you would plan our everything before hand. And the reason why they like to Lee a character’s sexuality one or the other, and not always bi is because writers like making their hats tees has human and realistic as they can be.
    ALSO! Just because characters have chemistry, doesn’t mean that they should be together. Sometimes the chemistry is written in order to develop a certain type of relationship the writers want to go for. And the type of people characters fall romantically in love with, helps the view understand more of their character.

  16. I mean.. am I the only who finds it kind of funny that the assumption is Straight/Gay = you will limit your character a specific predetermined pairing… but Bisexual will not, because apparently even if you character could have any guy or any girl you will absolutely predetermine their relationship but just because it could be either any guy or girl all of a sudden you won't do this -_- ugg.

    Look, there's nothing wrong with saying 'hey I don't know which way the character goes yet, I've got more important things to worry about than that right now thanks. I'll see what happened" BUT saying alright, this character is attracted to men. Or This character is only attracted to women, you aren't limiting the character, more as you are limiting your ability to continuously fall back on the defacto relationship between two characters that get along really well. Not every deep meaningful relationship crosses over into the romantic. Maybe challenge yourself to create a broader range of relationships, or let a character go through the struggle of… wait … do I love this person like that? Being bi to keep your character open for whatever comes along (versus I don't know so I'm keeping it open until I figure this character out ) is no different then any other way you can make a character vague ambiguous so you can adapt them to get along with just anyone that catches your eye as a content creator.

  17. Call me crazy, but I do't think someone who writes a tittle like that (it's awfully similar to those of clickbaity websites like "the best place to go on a vacation this summer [and it's not what you expect]") should be giving writting advice to anyone bove the age of 2.

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