Why Didn’t Snoke or Kylo Ren Have Yellow Dark Side Eyes – Star Wars Explained Weekly Q&A

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Why didn’t Snoke or Kylo Ren have yellow eyes? What are my predictions for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Rebels season four? These questions and more answered in today’s Q&A!

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  1. I hope Ezra actually joins Thrawn and goes into the unknown regions after he finds out Thrawn isnt actually evil but playing the long game.

  2. Has there ever been/do you think there could be a clone who was force sensitive? Or would they just be as sensitive as their template? Specifically meaning clones as in Clone Troopers.

  3. Is the sith or any dark force user can be the one with the force or be the dark force version of force ghost? And can the force ghost change their age?

  4. I really want to know how will the Resistance rebuild its forces?It has to build all three branches of the military and also all the resources it will need.I want to know and see them rebuild themselfs. Maybe even see Home one again since we know its still around.

  5. Man, it's painful watching you try to do the mental gymnastics necessary to defend just straight up bad writing from Rian Johnson. I love your channel and I'm sorry that you have to deal with all of the fallout and questions that come from such a crappy movie. Hang in there man, and keep up the good work!

  6. Q/A With Poe and Ben only being 3 years apart in age do you think we might eventually see stories of the two of them together as young kids because they are both sons of the rebellion? Love the channel

  7. How long is a year in Star Wars? is there a standard galactic calendar if so how would that work if planets have if different rotation cycles between day and night etc.

  8. Did anakins step brother ever have any "luck" or used the force in any way? Maybe anakins lightsaber had a character. And that caracter knew how to defend; something imprinted by the "one" and his ordeals as a weilder; a memory. As the luck both r2 and 3p0 have had. Maybe there's one of his ships still at bay? Please answer this concept? 😥😏

  9. Q&A: In Rogue One, why was the empire still mining kyber crystals on Jedha if the death star was already complete?

  10. Do you think that Rey will use the crystal from the Skywalker lightsaber and Luke’s Jedi crusader pendant to construct a double bladed lightsaber with both a blue and red blade? In the force awakens concept are we see someone holding this weapon and it seems like Lucasfilm almost never wastes good concept art

  11. If by some crazy miracle phasma survived at the end of the last jedi and came back in episode 9 do you think episode 9 will final do her character justice where episode 8 couldn't?

  12. i've been re watching rebels and noticed sometimes that stormtroopers sound a bit like droids when they move around sometimes. i was wondering if there was any reason for this or just stylistic choice?

  13. so are the forms of lightsaber dueling no longer canon, pretty sure they are mentioned in the CW. which makes then canon. It's okay to admit that they where lazy when writing Rey and your explanation of "You don't need training to use a saber" is equally as lazy.

  14. How similar was Luke’s Force projection to the manifestation of a Force ghost? If they are similar then it makes sense that one could manifest his Force ghost in different ways, ie looking older or younger depending on who they were manifesting to.

  15. In the last Darth Vader comic, Darth Vader kills a bunch of his own clone troops, when Jacosta Nu reveals him to be the former jedi Anakin Skywalker. So yeah.. he doesnt want anyone else to know his identity.

  16. Han Solo did a Hyperspace Jump right from the outer atmosphere of the Starkiller Base planet to the surface of the planet (in order to bypass the shields) so I don't think it would've been a problem for the First Order to do a short (maybe 1000 mile) jump ahead, turn around, and then, at the speeds thier traveling, whammo, they'd be on them faster than Womp Rats on a dead Ronto. It wad just a plot hole. Let's face it, the movie is enjoyable, but the writing was a little weak.

  17. I’m just gonna say it’s because they need Kylo to be sympathetic, and they figured if Kylo doesn’t have them, Snoke might as well not just to be consistent.

  18. The scene where Rey switches from her staff to her lightsaber during training and then uses all the same moves was the answer to why she was able to use her lightsaber. It was basically the writers screaming that out to us

  19. Then why did he kill all the clones in the gunship after he caught Jocastanu after she called him anakin in the latest dearth Vader comic? He seemed to be very disturbed by her outing him as the former Jedi

  20. So if Lor San Tekka found the map on his own, what does Del give him in Star Wars Battlefront II (since that's canon)?

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