Why That Solo Cameo Is Bigger Than You Think! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

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Written by frances

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  1. ok, yeah….if that makes you sleep at night, yeah, enjoy….oh, and while you are dreaming and drinking Kathleen Kennedy's kool aid don't forget to say hi to Pando Calrissian and his sex toy LGTB37, and if you manage, also talk to Jake Skywalker drinking milk from some random space alien's tits, Rose Stinco ( best character ever), MaRey Sue and the rest of bofos that make this wonderfull new trilogy a masterpiece, where the OT characters are soooo respected and being taken care….
    Have at it dude :-)…i couldn't be happier for you.

  2. I loved this movie! A+++. Definitely one of my top three favorite SW movies, and top five favorite flicks of all time. As for Maul, it was nice to see his return validated in a live action film. I’ve been telling people for years that he was alive and kicking ass, but they would jus say,”the cartoons don’t count”. Obviously, they do!

  3. the nerdist is so oblivious …… they just missed a couple of messages that SW SJW universe
    is not doing so well financial at the box office ; just keep putting your heads in the mud .

  4. JarJar is a dark lord. The fact that people don't know and that it wont be acknowledged on film makes me not really like star wars much anymore. Specially after the travesty of last jedi.

  5. REMATCH REMATCH REMATCH!!! We want to see a rematch between Obi-Wan and Maul on the big screen. A short encounter in Rebels is not enough. Please Disney, get this right!

  6. I like Solo however was not crazy about actor playing role! I think they could done better on casting for that Role! Lando was great and I thought the actor did real good job! Love seeing Maul that was a big shocker! But if there is to be another movie with this actor playing the Role! There going to have start playing Solo in wAy we all love to come to know! And With Lando!!!

  7. Dear Nerdist idiots… did any of you watch ROGUE ONE? It had 2 characters from the prequels played by the same actors from the Prequels. And even one character from the Clone Wars series. Disney has not been "politely ignoring the prequels" you morons. Thank you.

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