Will Kylo Ren & Rey Team Up in Star Wars The Last Jedi? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Could the Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer be lying to us or could we see a crazy team up happen? Jessica looks at the clues (WITH SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

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Do you think we’ll see them join forces? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Like I said in the chat of the nerdist talks back Star Wars pt.1, a love triangle between Kylo-Ren-Finn would happen in the SW9 when would be discovered that Kylo is a Luke's undercover agent, and Finn a Snoke's spy willing to betray his master by Rey, but when she fixes on Kylo, Finn will return to the dark side and all will kill each other with their damn lightsabers and the galaxy will be finally at peace, but team up in the episode 8??… Nop, that trailer scene it's just a trick ?…

  2. Kylo extending his hand to Rey (if it's even the same scene) is the equivalent of Luke's experience in the cave on Dagobah.

  3. My wife and I discussed this last night and I don't think it's been discussed anywhere seriously yet. What if Rey is Leia's daughter? Could she have pulled off an Amidala and hidden Rey away from *everyone*? That would make her Kylo Ren's sister at least. They could even be twins. That makes any possible team up between them even more exciting. Leia has always been the one that sees most things for what they are. She's practical and always the moral compass. Keeping a daughter hidden from both Luke and Han would help keep the girl safe from outside corruption. And be the "backup plan", much like Leia was that backup for Yoda and Obi-Wan.

  4. At the end she is not talking to kylo she's talking to Luke it's just editing to trick you in that bit she is in the temple and the bit of kylo is outside at night with fire in the background

  5. Also I hope they don't rip off empire strikes back like they did with 7 the bit with the walkers looks like the scene on hoth

  6. Who will Kylo kill in the 3rd movie? The father is a goner, now his mother seems to be next… It's a trilogy and you've only got two parents!

  7. They will attempt to work together on a new "side" of the Force, but in the end they will realize that's the wrong way to go about it. Despite not fitting into a strict dichotomy of Light and Dark, they aren't exactly on a single "balanced/grey" side either. With Episode 9, the ultimate outcome of their working together will be establishing the concept of a broad Force Spectrum. Instead of forcing* a student into some side they don't fit into (Anakin, Ben Solo) or maintaining an unhealthy repression of the "other side" (Old Republic Jedi Order), a force-user can find the place on this spectrum they fit into the most naturally, resulting in the Force being in an overall healthier state.

    I'd consider this as a conclusion (or beginning of the end) for the "Return Balance To The Force" prophecy from the prequel trilogy. Vader fulfilled his part in this by helping to take out the Jedi Order and ending his Sith lineage by killing Palpatine and sacrificing himself. This was supposed to create a neutral ground for Luke to build something new and better on, but instead Luke tried to make another generation of Jedi Knights. This once again alienated a student who didn't fit into the Jedi's strict dogmatic definition of "Light = Good, Dark = Evil," resulting in history repeating itself in The Force Awakens. Even if the goal isn't fully achieved by the end of this trilogy, Rey and Kylo will make a huge stride toward realizing it.

    * I noticed the pun after writing.

  8. Why can't they team up and still be good? Maybe Rey needs to be pulled to the dark side a bit, and maybe Kylo needs to be pulled back to the light. Meet in the middle and maybe if the sith and jedi had done that it would have solved many problems in the damn galaxy.

  9. You get it. I think it would be an amazing story to make Kylo and Rey not choose either side and just team up and find the balance with each other. Hope it´s going there! Cannot wait for December!

  10. I don't think they'll "team up" until the END of The Last Jedi, to set up a dramatic new playing board for Episode IX. I personally think at that point, it is VERY near the end of the Episode (or AT the very end), and it could very well be that Luke Skywalker is already dead – possibly killed by Snoke, and the Resistance has been near-decimated, with no one in the Resistance in much of a position to do much for Rey. I think Rey is going to wind up alone in this giant galaxy… with NO one to help her, which is why she is turning to Kylo Ren.

  11. Kylo's big battle has always been against the seductive power of the light side – we've never seen a Skywalker do that before. As though the light side is his true nature, and if he lets his guard down this good nature will take him over. Really hope he redeems himself. Bendemption! A reversal of Return of the Jedi, where Vader steps in to save Luke, would be awesome – Ben steps in to save Rey, fights the red cloak Snoke guards = take my money Rian Johnson 😀

  12. Complete misdirection. Remember how many of the Rogue One trailer shots weren't even in the actual movie? That's what's going on here.

  13. I love the direction they're taking this new trilogy. The other two trilogies were very clear about making black and white distinctions within the narrative but the new trilogy seems to be entering a grey area of the force which I think is the most interesting. I love the storyline of Knights of the Old Republic 2 for that very reason. Kreia intentionally tried to train you to follow a grey path and it made far more sense to follow that path when learning about the force.

    Kylo Ren is my favorite and most interesting character of the entire film series. I always knew he was essentially a second protagonist because of the way they show his character. Not to mention the fact that the films have always centered on Skywalkers and he is the only next generation of the Skywalker family. His role is something far more than a villain and you can see by the way they choose to play out his scenes. You get some very intimate and personal scenes with Kylo which you wouldn't do as a filmmaker unless he was an integral character the audience needs to connect to in order to experience the full story.

    You didn't get that with Vader in the original trilogy. It wasn't until RotJ that you started getting a few scenes like that which showed his internal conflict.

  14. they both get ass kicked by a gray; Fin, who got trained under kyle katarn, OP as fuck, took snoke out in a blink, and took Rey and Kylo as apprentices… The end… wait… Post Credit, Jedi Academy TV series in the making? (we wish it was that good…

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