Will Star Wars Time Jump in Episode 9? **SPOILERS** (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

If you’re anything like us, The Last Jedi just left you even more excited for the next episode to arrive, but could it be even more crazy with a jump to the future? Jessica looks to the future (WITH SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

Would you like to see a fast forward? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Poe and Rey would make more sense than her and kylo. Especially for a Disney movie made for kids. I am sure Disney would “love” to spread the message to young girls and boys that you can kill your father and murder people and you can still be loved.

  2. I really enjoyed it. BUT Rose shouldn't have existed. What plausible reason couldn't Admiral Holdo tell Poe what the plan was. Finn should have died crashing into the battering ram cannon. Or the movie should have ended with the throne room scene.

  3. Star Wars The Last Jedi SUCKED like having a wild pack of TaunTauns shit on your inner Jedi.. real TaunTaun shitbricks, giant sized Lincoln logs straight from a TaunTauns shithole. F U Disney. Fuck that damn dirty mouse.

  4. The time jump thing could work but it's a plot devise that is used a little to often. I'd rather they do something like show Leia and her command ship destroyed in a suicide attack by the first order.

  5. It sucked!! I now could care less about the next episode. After 30 [email protected] years of waiting for Luke "The Hero" Skywalker to return. I got a grumpy old Luke "Get Off My Lawn" Skywalker!!! Screw the franchise!!! They shit all over the older fans that made the franchise what it is. They killed off all the heroes and then turned the rest of the male cast into a bunch of buffoons. Screw Disney. Did I mentioned that IT SUCKED!!!

  6. yes a whole new direction with this movie. NOTHING like Empire Strikes Back. Hmm. the cave incident? check, the rebels dwindle down? check Empire chasing down the rebels to a side direction to a very fancy city? check, On a planet as the rebels defend. a base against Imperial Walkers? check! Rey going to an island to train with a Jedi…ahh who are we kidding? what new direction! all the next movie has to be called is Return of the Medi!! sounds like Return of the Jedi

  7. "a movie that lives up to the spectacle and values of the old trilogy" – you have got to be kidding me.  No respect or continuity to the movies that came before it – not even Episode 7, but certainly trashed the OT especially.

  8. Whatever leads to more reylo I'm down for it! Been shipping them since I first saw the force awakens. They really have something good going on there that could lead to a perfect balance in the force. I hope it means the end of the light and dark side. People are both good and bad. There should be some middle – grey – ground in the force.

  9. Who thinks the porgs are cute? I do. They look like owls and birds combined into in which is also known as the porg. The porg

    Read more

  10. I think it's total garbage how we're just stuck with more Rebels now. No Republic…….ugh. Rey didn't receice much training at all and now she is a Jedi apparently…..And WHO THE HECK WAS SNOKE? And why was he leading the First Order?

  11. Episode 8 was trash and turned everything in the starwars universe into a giant cop out and was absolutely horrible as far as movie makings goes. every plot hole or stupid things was just explained by the force and… Uhg it was so trash I don't care

  12. It would be so much more reasonable to time jump with the major changes this video definitely had to unfortunately suffer through! Hopefully this first movie answers questions into the whole series one unlike this piece of garbage we've gotten into the franchise!

  13. i'd wager there is no time jump. The resistance will be splintered, spread out to recruit and build up new cells across the galaxy's edge. Leia can just be busy elsewhere.
    Contrasted with Kylo struggling to assert his dominance over the first order (hopefully with other Knights of Ren asserting themselves).
    it'd be cool if they brought back Mon Mothma to fill the role of "teaching Rey how to be a leader" that Leia was probably planned to fill.

  14. Rey and Kylo is not happening. It'll be more of a tragedy as Rey sees Kylo fall to the dark side stuggling to come to terms with his lack of redmption

  15. Having been a fan since the first movie came out, (I was 17 yrs old at the time), I can completely believe that Poe would be the best person to take Leia's place. Of everyone, he had the best connection with her. He's young enough for more movies too. I'm sure there will be a time jump because Kylo still needs to prove himself to himself. I really am a Reylo fan because we all need a great love story! It's about time and I hope JJ Abrams doesn't disappoint us there. We need this!

  16. yes there should be a time jump… backwards… days of future past style.  to erase the force awakens and the last jedi.

  17. Kylo's not on track to become the next Emperor, he's the bloody Supreme Leader! Unless of course he makes a new Empire.

  18. Kill the Kylo and Rey theories. I mean seriously, just stop it, it literally was debunked in the last Jedi.

  19. Whining little emo brats can't be a Sith Lord or an emperor like character. Ughhhh I can't even talk about it.

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