Will the Chiss Ascendancy Protect or Invade the Galaxy?

Thrawn: Alliances hinted at some major future stories that could be told in the Star Wars universe. What is going on with the Chiss Ascendancy right now, and how will it affect the future of Star Wars?

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Written by frances

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  1. Damn i really hope the Chiss Ascendancy is still out there in the Unknown regions, i don´t like the idea of The First Order wiping them out wich could be a possibility.

  2. I would be delighted to see more Chiss involvement in canon, and always look forward to a Timothy Zahn work with them included. 🙂 They are cool under pressure and calculated, but don't appear to be evil or vicious (at least no more than any other human or humanoid), so this would be a way back to civilization for the galaxy at war. I also thought they had a more galactic involvement during the Old Republic era anyway, so they aren't unaware of the Empire or Republic space… merely isolationists.

  3. Hey Alex, do you think the Grysks are supplying the First Order, and that's why they're so powerful? Maybe Snoke was involved with them somehow?

  4. I'm actually kinda hoping that stopping the Grysk invasion is the reason why Ezra and Ahsoka (and a bunch of other characters from the star wars shows) are not in the original trilogy. It just makes a lot of sense considering how rebels ended.

  5. I believe a large hint given in Alliances that further Chiss story stuff is coming is the off-hand remark about Commander Vanto missing.

  6. Lack of details can be for flexibility reasons but execution of SW lately makes it more likely that no one knows yet. Hope someone (Filoni?) has a plan but the revolving doors of movie directors and book/comic writers cannot be expected to tie everything together. Hopefully new substantial content that makes sense in SW comes soon!

  7. I'm going with Protect as well. With what we have learned from Thrawn in Rebels and his novels, I get the idea that he is going to go through a redemption arc. I think that is part of the reason that Ezra along with Thrawn were taken by the Purgill to the Unknown Regions.

  8. In terms of story telling, a legitimate concern is how do you move the saga story forward after 9 (I highly doubt the saga films will end for numerous reason but #1 being financial reasons). 20, 30, 50 years down the line, you can not be telling the same Nazis vs good guys tale (which is really what original Star Wars echos. The iconography is too similar and gets even more blatant with the First Order.

    In a way, though on a grand scale, the Star Wars "Galaxy" is pretty isolationist even though there are tons planets. The Galaxy only cares about itself, keeping its planets together and homogenizing itself. We only see the Emperor Palps ever really consider outside the Galaxy and that is for more personal power to focus inward (more isolation) to his galaxy. Just think of the planets like cultures and the isolation theory totally makes sense.

    So if you have the Grysk be the first wave of attack that throws a wrench into the whole ignore what's happening outside your galaxy thing. I also like the idea of a reworked Yuuzhan Vong species being the main villains of the next Saga trilogy. Think about it. The Star Wars galaxy is pretty much ignored by potential threats for 100-200 + years because of the Republic, Empire, New Republic and then along comes this new group lead by a fanatical from the unknown regions and the First order he leads which is a crazed remnant of a defunct overthrown government not only kills major political leaders of the new government 30 years later, but they kill entire planets. That leaves the Galaxy ripe for the pickings for any major baddies to come in and take your isolationist galaxy over. The Chiss being the protectors of themselves first, but others second know these baddies gaining another galaxy puts everyone at risk has to come and help you losers (*being flippant here).

    So you still have star wars going on and good guys vs bad guys and you can still have Skywalkerss, etc, but there is enough of a twist that you have something new and fresh that can keep the saga series going for a really long time.

  9. This is for the weekly Q&A. Could an older Thrawn return as a replacement for Admiral Ackbar in Episode 9? Perhaps when he and Ezra got lost in the Unknown Regions Ezra gave his life saving him and this caused a change of heart in Thrawn. Also, it could be possible Thrawn would see the First Order as a corrupt and weaker form of the original Empire. Maybe this could cause him to ally with the New Rebellion? In the old EU Thrawn is shown to be very effective against superior forces. Maybe his help as a master tactician is what the New Rebellion needs to win the war against the FO once and for all?

  10. If the Chiss vs not-Vong plays out (and the Empire doesn't wipe them out), it will likely be in some continuation of Rebels where Ezra and Thrawn ended up joining forces to fight the not-Vong and save the Chiss. I suppose it's also possible that the First Order was able to conquer the Unknown Regions in exchange for helping the Chiss defeat the not-Vong invaders.

  11. i swear if we have another invasion in the vain of yuzhan vong in canon its gonna be insane, this could be in the movies!

  12. yo episode 9 end credits. thrawn. camera pans to a window showing an armada of grisk ships slowly coming out of hyperspace. hype

  13. You were just reading too much into this. They will obviously just kill off all Chiss off panel and mention it like this … "I heard this droid used to belong to those blue guys, yea, the were meh. Now they are all meh dead."

  14. At this point, I'm 90% sure the next Thrawn book will play after the latest Rebels episode with Thrawn, Ezra etc. finding themselves in the middle of the Chiss civil war. It would be interesting to see Thrawn interact and maybe even ally with Ezra, how they would handle the Chiss force sensitives with Jedi help and learn more about the Chiss and Gyrka as a whole.

  15. Well, I do hope the Chiss did NOT side with the Resistance. The Resistance is such a bunch of fools, donkeys lead by sheeps, and the New Republic as we see it in TFA and TLJ is so weak and incompetent, that it would be a ally of really no use for the Chiss. And while the FO-leadership is also made up out of a number of idiots, too, they were strong enough to overrun the mighty New Republic in a matter of weeks and months. So a takeover from the FO done by Thrawn (or other leaders) and some Imperials (people in the kind of Pellaeon, Sloane and others like them) who are tired of incompetent mandmen like Kylo, Hux and Snoke, would make much more sense in my eyes. It would open the way for a moderate militaristic government which combines the forces of the FO, Imperial Remnants, the Chiss and huge parts of the New Republic, a strong centristic military that could counter any threat that is coming while crushing also small pockets of, well, resistance. In short, anything Thrawn had wanted from the start.

    Betwen him and the Resistance/Republic far too much stands what divide them. Not just ideology and military understanding (Thrawn COULD be extremly brutal if he has to) but I guess he has still a arrest-warrant on his head for "war crimes" (on Lothol and Batoon), and of course people around Dodonna will hardly have forgotten who crushed their forces so hard at Attolon.

    The Chiss as rescue for the resistance would just waste their potential. Their are far better in a more dark grey area, fighting for their own targets and needs – not sucruficing for people who had half the galaxy under their controll and were so stupid to loos all of that with even less power left than the Empire after Jakku (at least there was Sloane and their men, the Eclipse in the unknown region, the Imperial Remnants who had to made peace but were still a legitimate government).

  16. The Chiss won’t appear in the movies. Disney doesn’t have the guts and innovation to do it. The lack of progression in the new trilogy proves that.

  17. I want to see more Chiss but I'm not sure I trust anyone but Zahn to write them. In any case, regarding the end of Rebels, I would love to see Thrawn and Ezra's story pick up in a Hell in the Pacific/Enemy Mine-style scenario in their next chronological appearance. That is, two enemies thrust into a situation where their survival depends upon them working together and maybe even becoming allies and/or friends along the way. In my opinion it would be a cool direction to take Thrawn Mark II as a character. Perhaps it might even uncover something more of how The Force works in the Chiss. Now I'm just thinking of wild things like Thrawn unlocking the true Force potential in himself/the Chiss. I'd probably better stop that.

  18. If the Chiss are to aid the Resistance in Episode 9, I think it would almost certainly have to be because Thrawn recognizes or knows Leia to be Padmé's daughter, which could make sense if the Chiss were watching the galactic politics that unfolded in Bloodline.

  19. Now that we know what a Chiss warship looks like, they could easily toss it in the background of some shot in Ep. IX.

  20. Calling it now – Thrawn is gonna be in Ep. 9. Richard E. Grant is going to be in Ep 9. If that's not gonna be our Live Action Thrawn then…..

  21. Would be nice to see them. A Chiss Clawcraft would be unlikely, but welcome.
    I would be stoked if they just did a series of short films or animations covering the worlds of the galaxy.
    That said, I don't think it will happen unless we get Thrawn and Ezra and that gang back in Resistance.

    Disney is so doggedly formulaic and predictable in their story telling that unless they really take the reigns completely off Lucasfilm, things will be drawn out and doled out in tiny morsels until we're all too old to care.

  22. I really would LOVE what Alex is saying to come true. Huge fan of Chiss since the Heir to the Empire originally came out. But it seems like JJ and Terrio will do their own thing. The good thing about having a superfan like the younger Kasdan was the ability to connect up disparate cannon elements that fans would love. I just don't see JJ doing that unfortunately. I hope that I am wrong! If Thrawn doesn't show up here, I'd LOVE to see him in some sort of mystery Sherlock type show or movie. CSI Thrawn.

  23. My thoughts and hopes about the Chiss are pretty much still tied up in my comment on the Clone Wars Saved Q&A video from a couple days ago.

  24. I hope that we see the chiss or thrawn in future content but tbh it’s probably more likely that we will see thrawn because a greater proportion of fans know who he is and although I wish the opposite I don’t think we will see thrawn in episode 9 much less the chiss because quite a lot of people who watch the films don’t watch/read content like books and tv shows in which case will have no clue who thrawn or the chiss are. It’s more likely that the “allies from the outer rim” will be veteran rebels from the originals and people like lando who have come into contact with the main cast but atm I would really like another tv show or some visual content that develops on what rebels left us with thrawn and Ezra but not something crappy like Star Wars resistance. Imo Disney have set it up so that now the first order have complete control of the galaxy and anything could happen, there’s just too much material to choose from. And btw quick question, is outbound flight canon or not

  25. The chiss ascendency could possibly be attached to thrawn and ezra our there possibly in the outer rim and this whole storyline could be taken care of by Dave filoni in Ana animated series that I’m sure he plans on involving Ashoka and Sabine in, which I assume will be the other animated series after resistance which I would assume is a one season series

  26. I'd like to see Ezra and Thrawn, you know after they left with the space whales, end up in the Unknown Regions to help the Chiss Ascendancy take on the Grysk. Obviously we'd get more Eli Vanto(WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT?). Either in a book or new Cartoon series.

  27. Is Outbound Flight now Legends? I thought it was Canon still.. and @5:00 whooaa ease off the irresponsible speculation there Alex! what would Ken Napzok think??

  28. Thrawn was a traitor to his species and exiled for betraying the simple rule of "Don't attack first" This means that the Chiss military tacticians are nothing like Thrawn

  29. Personally, I think the Chiss Ascendancy and their enemies like the Grysks changed their minds about invading the known galaxy as a result of Thrawn ‘s disappearance and rebel victories like the Death Star. As a result of the rebels’ resolve, both sides basically believe that invasion would not be worth the overall effort as it was when Thrawn was around and they have a civil war to contend with. Plus, I imagine that there were Chiss in their civil war that sympathized with the rebels. I’m simply stating this as a Star Wars fan who thinks of episodes 7-9 as an alternate timeline.

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