Will The Eternals Be Introduced in Infinity War? – Heroes

On this 236th episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Robert Meyer Burnett, Amy Dallen and Jeff May discuss the following from the world of Heroes and Villians:

1. Will the Eternals be introduced in Avengers: Infinity War?

2. Comic Book Pull List

3. ‘Jessica Jones’ gets a season 3 order.

4. Superman gets noted in Aquaman reshoots as Jason Mamoa and Amber Heard share Instagram pictures.

5. ’Shazam!’s Zachary Levi shares a buff picture of himself.

6. Agent Coulson is returning to the past in ‘Captain Marvel’.

7. Halle Berry says her ‘Catwoman’ opened the door for Black Panther. What?!

8. ‘Black Panther’ is now the number 3 BO film in the world but fell out of the top five for the first time since its release.

9. Charlie Heaton tells EW that with these new reshoots, New Mutants is now “full-fledged horror.”

10. ‘Incredibles 2’ gets a second trailer that teases more of the story.

11. Twitter Questions

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  1. imagine saying "meh.. they're just space black people". I don't get why everyone is so racist towards white people these days, and you're expected to be racists towards white people to show that you're "woke". Things have gotten so messed up

  2. I do feel that they did have guys whose body was like the rock back in those days. we had Arnold who came from body building and we have wrestling. so you guys are wrong on that comment.

  3. I love you guys so much.. Been following Heroes since the early #70s and am proud to keep following this run. The team up of Jon Schnepp and Robert Meyer Burnett is unparalleled!! To many more, my sweaty friends. Thank you 🙏

  4. If Phase 4 goes all "Guardians" and all cosmic and nothing else, then Phase 3 is the end of my interest in the MCU. I'll stream the rest… maybe. I'm not a fan when it becomes too much into space. GotG was just MEH for me… Also, I wonder how many people watched GotG just because it was part of the MCU, and wanted to see the tie-ins? Meaning, if it was just any other movie, would it have had as many viewers?

  5. Avengers 4 has Thanos as the big baddie still. the Russo's have said it..Josh Brolin has said it.. Infinity war is about thanos gathering the stones.. Avengers 4 is about What he can do with the stones which is why i think Avengers 4 will be Avengers Infinity Gauntlet..they can still be very different movies with the same villain…Avengers 4 will still be cosmic like they've said and they will battle thanos in space like they did in the Infinity gauntlet comic story…they are not doing anything like secret wars or kree skrull war just because one movie has elements from that…there needs to be more build up than that in my opinion.

  6. From what I understand, Halle Berry was joking. “Behind every black panther is a black cat woman.” It was just a wink and a joke imo. Stay cool everyone.

  7. You guys do know Halle Berry was not being serious right? She even picked up her Golden Raspberry in person, she knows full well how much it sucked 😛

  8. Halle Berry was joking about Catwoman opening the door for Black Panther. Read the article people, not just the headline!

  9. If it's not a MCU movie, it's really annoying and disappointing (not saying it isn't atleast a bit warranted) for it to always be doom and gloom and assume the worst. Yes Marvel has deserved the benefit of the doubt but must it always be conspiracy theories if it is a Fox or DC movie?

  10. I love u so much john but u are crazy sir theres no way they would build up thanos for all these years and then have him be in one film and thats it ??? Crazy

  11. The problem with Phoenix is that you shouldn't try to do it as one movie. It was a story that developed over three years (36 issues) – you need to get through the event that leads to the transformation to Phoenix (ok this was in Apocalypse but it wasn't dealt with) and have the audience feel that awesomeness over time, and then show the subtle mind games that end in Dark Phoenix and the destruction of a planet. Only after that can you return her to "Marvel Girl" and have the final battle. In the process you have to introduce the Shi'ar since they haven't been in the movies yet, and also introduce or at least update the Hellfire Club and make it plausible that Jean would turn. You also need to care about Jean, which we don't yet, having seen her only for a relatively few minutes of X-Men Apocalypse, which I don't believe was enough to cover the first part of the saga. Never mind that we also don't really care about Scott yet, and their relationship, which is the most tragic part of the story, hasn't been developed at all. Don't forget that you also have to give all the other X-Men their due in a movie, which takes time from the main Phoenix story. Very hard to do in only 1 film – that was the problem with The Last Stand and FOX doesn't have seemed to learn the lesson.

  12. Why The Eternals? , After what MARVEL did with the INHUMANS, Didn't the Russo Brother already have the original Guardian or the Galaxy ,with Starhawk , "Sylvester Stallone" Charle-27 "Ving Rhames' Simon Williams-WONDERMAN=Nathan Fillion, there a whole Cast of Characters that We would have loved to see their Adventure, Who's dumb Idea was to do the Eternals, Only Die Hard FAN_BOYS know who the Eternals are? They post NOVA? That too late? ADAM WARLOCK is in Guardian-3 that saved?

  13. spoilers for guardians of the galaxy 2.

    love sci-fi, guardians 1 and 2´re great :). know nothing of eternals but i´d love to see the movie and or show :). go sweaty with
    it :), good way for mainstream to learn too ;). would love straight adaptations of the comic stories. mcu´s great with canon stuff.
    i still want the inhumans movie, just do it :)! i´d love a scene with the grand master and the collector :), you think ego´s dead?
    could peter´ve saved a bit of him? wanting to be immortal or not able to kil him? or did ego manifest on another world before being
    destroyed? yea nova core´s probably in trouble.. i´d love nova to the guardians or a teen avengers thing perhaps :). still wonder
    if guardians 3´ll be before i.w, and if we get a warlock cameo in it too. yea comics has some great art :).

    they could do 1 cover per comic.. have different artists make the splash pages instead?.. or just 1 artist per book.
    entertainment/merchandise could be cheaper overall. la lala la. don´t see why they don´t stick to the og numbers..
    darker´s not always better.. depends on the character i guess?.. i like a lighter always do the right thing and save
    those who can be saved superman, flash too. bats can go darker than the others. comics´re strong :).

    jessica jones 2´s good. not seen the new lost in space show yet, looking forward to it. 30 years in the future?.. yea i remember
    the lost in space movie. like the detective noir vibe in jj, the opening credits´re good too. would still like to see more superhero
    strength and hero jumps.

    i hope aquaman´s good, not that excited. hope they talk through telepathy or´re just able to talk underwater..

    levi´s good, nice choise for shazam. still go on good word of mouth though but that´s on wb/dc greed and other problems. less
    training could be good for actors longevity in roles ;), not tiring them out. they also take steroids i´m sure. not just diet.
    yea it could be cheaper being healthier…

    still wonder if coulson´s from the past or the future :)?.. shield´s done timetravel and talked about the multiverse. a few other
    mentions too. i´ve also missed coulson, fury, hill, potts and happy too. freeman to be the new coulson for the new avengers?

    catwoman´s good, the character. not berry´s movie.. like pfeiffer´s suit. hathaway could´ve had more to do, liked the ear
    glasses though :). black panther´s only been black right? not catwoman. blade´s good, cgi needs refreshing though.. luke cage did
    good too. yea blade´s pretty important. hire a good heist or burglar director and writer for a catwoman movie? she´s a cat burglar
    after all :). the real mccoy 1993 ;), a cat burglar movie. marvel should´ve done a black widow years ago.. a prequel gamora and
    nebula movie´d be sweet to, also a hulk and valkyrie :). a sif movie´d be nice, iron potts too. stand alones, all together. doesn´t
    have to be all female or male either, in front or behind the camera. mixed´s good.

    unless it´s the studios that´re buying all the tickets to be over everyone else ;)?.. the rings and hobbit extended make the movies
    better i think, the theatrical can feel rushed, like the hobbit.. i like longer cuts :).

    i hope new mutants´s good, a horror vibe sounds nice. looking forward to dark phoenix too. is the hospital/lab connected to the lab
    in logan? as hard/scary pg as you can go or slightly above that?.. they may´ve seen legion as well ;).

    looking forward to incredibles :). the writer for the incredibles to ff4? possibly the director if not spielberg :). 1 a piece

    reshoots for phoenix to bring the x-men into the mcu? all that happens in it, avengers and deapool to much for the multiverse?..
    the last stand could´ve been a bit longer, angel was wasted for 1. unless they´re all already in the same universe of course :).
    1st class and future past´re great :).

    i like gotham, bit behind on it. jerome´s a nice joker-ish character. i still think the arrow-verse should get to play with all the
    characters, they´ve proven themselves more worthy than the movies so far.. gotham feels like it´s set in the 90´s, could it be in
    the arrow-veres past? have we seen the real ra's al ghul? is it alexander siddig or is he a decoy for the arrow ra´s? could krypton
    be in the arrow-verses past and that´s why we haven´t seen too much of sups in it so far?

    i hope ff4 to buy the avengers tower :). they could´ve made a hulk/spider-man like deal already :).

    stan lee´s rick jones ;).

    love the shows.

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