Will the Knights of Ren be in Episode IX – Star Wars Explained Weekly Q&A

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Will the Knights of Ren be in Episode IX? Any familiar planets or locations? Is it truly the end of the Skywalker Saga? These questions and more answered today!

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  1. I just finished reading Thrawn:Alliances and again the Unknown Region plays a major role. So many stories are revolving around that location, and with this new species of the Grisk from the book do you feel like the direction Disney is taking will be to explore this new threat? This will also allow them to bring the Chiss Ascendancy into play and explore new characters and locations.

  2. I used your audible trial for the new Thrawn book (thank you so much btw!!) and was looking for more, but noticed big releases like Tarkin and Bloodline aren't on there. Am I missing something or is there somewhere else to find them? Thanks again!

  3. Do you think we can consider novels such as Darth Plageuis canon as we know the character is canon and there is nothing contradicting the book. With other books we obviously can't because there is another contradicting story in canon. If not, do you ever think Disney will make some legends novels canon, such as Darth Plageuis.

  4. Once again, the girl is not introduced. Are you ashamed of her? Can't you say, "Here I am with my wife/girlfriend/sister, Mary" or whatever?

  5. Perhaps they will be the "Knights who-until-recently-were-of Ren". 🙂 Maybe there is a new subdivision on Dagobah… after old-man Yoda stopped blocking the HOA… Snoke made the planet his parking lot for his flagship. We might have a spin-off of sorts about Chiss "sky walkers".

  6. Most married couples talk about their day at the the dinner table, i feel like these two talk exclusively about Star Wars at the dinner table 😝

  7. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Thrawn was kinda turned by Ezra and they both like took on the first order as an ally of the resistance?

  8. question for anybody who knows….. Remember the line many Bothans died to bring us this information. So this was the 2nd Death star. Did we get that story in a book or comic i can read?

  9. Do you think the new masked and caped Inquisitor at the end of Darth Vader 019 is going to be the main antagonist for Jedi: Fallen Order? He does look like he'd be someone you would fight in a video game.

  10. People have been mentioning that Luke will come back as a force ghost in ep. IX to interact with Rey and Kylo. Can Sith and other Dark Side users see force ghosts? This is something I've wondered for a long time…

  11. Do you Think Ezra in the Rebels finale used the force to travel/stear across hyperspace like the chiss children/pilots do in Trawn alliances?

  12. Actually it kind of makes sense. The hero’s are obviously headed for deeper space. Seems like that they will need help from someone. Why not Thrawn. Kind of makes sense if they introduce him early in the movie with a few scenes.

  13. Since we know Ahsoka is alive and well after the battle of Endor, is it possible she will cross paths with Luke at some point between the time of episode 6 and episode 8?

  14. Didn't Johnson mention that his trilogy will take place somewhere far from areas explored in the star wars galaxy? Lol, imagine if it takes place after Episode 9. No longer a galaxy far, far away and no longer 'a long time ago' Now it all of a sudden takes place on Earth!!! haha.

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