Woman’s response to comments goes viral

A woman who responded to two women who were calling her a whale by buying them coffee has gone viral.

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  1. That toddler does not need to be eating donuts and the mother, having lost nearly 200lbs should know that better than anyone. Anyway, good for her and shame on the two women; I though Canadians were politer than that!

  2. So how much did Tim Horton's pay to get this cough "news" story on the 6 o'clock news… I'm assuming that WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 charges $125,000 for 2:36 of advertising space and then disguise it as "news" – very very sneaky!! But at the end of the day a million people just watched a 2:36 brain-dead commercial for Tim Horton's.. so they win

  3. I just watched a 2:6 long commercial for Tim Horton's which was disguised as "news".. do all news stations do this? They must make boatloads of cash this way…

  4. This is not news. This is gossip. Doesn't it cost you money to run that studio? Don't you have to pay for the electricity, the staff, the air time? You'd think you'd want to spend more time on issues that directly impact people, not a couple of squabbling women.

  5. I live in Port Huron, Michigan [Fort Gratiot is just one of our bordering townships], but I had to come on here and make this comment. I feel the need to say that because our local paper cover newspaper covers for the whole Thumb.

    1.) This woman is a fraud. The incident never happened. She hedged off the story when a local reporter for our local paper
    2.) The "losing 177 lbs" was added just for extra drama.
    3.) If she opened up a account, I hope you saved your money.

    I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble,, but this anecdotal story just isn't true.

  6. Ugh! And those two bitches learn that being mean and insulting to someone get them a free coffee! ¬.¬ Reverse psychology only works on nice people, not psychopathic assholes!

  7. Man those two women are UGLY. I've never seen them but i know: they're both ugly. And this woman? Even if she put on 170 pounds and lost all her hair – she is beautiful because of her personality. I honestly seriously FOR REAL pray to god in heaven, jesus christ the son of god, to all the angels in god's mighty kingdom, to mary, joseph and john the baptist, the holy trinity and every other god past present and future: i hope both those women get cancer, AIDS, and before they die of either of those diseases, i hope they get raped in front of their family so hard that they actually die of internal rupturing of organs and blood vessels. I will pray for this for these two women for the rest of my life. Amen. Amen.

  8. If I was gonna put it on facebook I would be able to back it up with proof. Most people have their phones readily accessible at all times.

  9. making fun of disabled people but your feelings are hurt!!!!! the world knows your a fraud!!!! no one remembers at tim hortons but they are taking your word liar!!!!!

  10. Interesting how the two other women don't look any slimmer than the woman they taunted. I wonder what they must see in the mirror each morning. Perhaps, they need new prescriptions for their glasses, as well as their thinking processes.

  11. I have to give that woman credit for handling that situation the way she did, bec if that had happened to me, i would've got all PUERTO RICAN on them a-holes…and all three of us would've been kicked outta Tim Hortons!

  12. I'm afraid that with as self absorbed and entitled as so many of our young people are these days, we may be seeing and hearing about more incidents of this kind in the near future. Nasty kids grow up to be nasty adults….

  13. I would have not paid for their fucking coffee!!! Rude ass Bullies. It does not matter if the words were true or not. If you don't like how a person looks or dresses or has their hair…… How about you keep those insults to your damn self?! Hmmmm think you can do that? Adults are SUPPOSE To KNOW BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  14. this is a great story but PLEASE to the woman with the child. the child is young. she has a chance to be healthy and beautiful… please stop feeding her doughnut holes. your child's health is just as important as her happiness and she'll greatly appreciate you in the future if you get her on track

  15. Yes! I know not everyone has the Christian Faith or Belief, but the bible says to turn the other cheek, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and proverbs 25:21 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat;
    if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.
    22In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head,
    and the Lord will reward you.

    This woman did just this! Its not easy but she set a far greater example than just for her daughter but for millions!

  16. I'm curious how could she pay for the women behind her who hadn't ordered yet then exit the store with no acknowledgement of the good deed it doesn't make sense does she have a charge account there or a tab or something. it's 3 in the morning I'm going to bed.

  17. Call it taking the high road if you want, but to me it sounds like rewarding them for mistreating her.

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