WW3 WARNING: Boris Johnson Raises ALARM On Russian REVENGE ATTACK After Syrian Strikes

WW3 WARNING: Boris Johnson Raises ALARM On Russian REVENGE ATTACK After Syrian Strikes


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The UK joined France and the US to bombard Syrian sites linked to the production of chemical weapons, in response to its alleged use in Douma earlier this week.

However, this intervention has prompted Russian officials, who back the Syrian regime, to warn of dire consequences for the West.

According to reports today, Russia is plotting a destructive wave of cyberattacks against the UK’s electrical grids, water supplies, banking systems and NHS databases.

Speaking to Andrew Marr on the BBC this morning, Boris Johnson admitted the Russian threat is being taken “very seriously” by the British cabinet.

Marr quizzed the Foreign Secretary on the possibility of an outbreak of war with Russia, as the BBC journalist said the UK-Russian relationship was “as bad as it has ever been”.

He compared the stand-off between the nuclear powers to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, which nearly triggered an outbreak of World War 3.

Mr Johnson responded: “Look, this is not something we relish, any more than we relish carrying out the strikes in Syria yesterday.

“No-one wants to do this, but we have to do it to reinforce the point about chemical weapons.

“I went to Moscow in December. We have held out the hand of engagement.

“We want to engage with Russia, but I’m afraid the Russians give us every possible signal and evidence that we have to beware of them.”


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  1. ©™ ALX ⚖ Armed 🔫 Liberation ⛓ Xecutive 🕶 Observation ✍✍

    Johnson is the poster boy for loose cannons in the UK. His counter part is Bolton in America.

    Fake chemical attack by White Helmets created by UK Merc company funded by UK Government.
    Fake chemical attack by White Helmets created by UK Merc company funded by UK Government.

  2. By the by……hey mister borris (lie) johnson, why your country still possess chemical weapons? I think, the British people will use that chemical compound to poison you for your lies and war crime.

  3. Hey Borris
    You claimed that Russia was behind the chemical attack in Salisbury. Even if we know it was a false flag, you still propagate the same story. Assume that we are accepting your lie as truth. Now tell us why you didn't show the courage to attack Russia? As per your allegation Russia made this attack in your country, where as the alleged chemical attack (false flag) made by Assad was in Syria and even no UK citizen got effected. But you attacked Syria because they are weak and defenceless. We know that you don't have ball to touch Russia for their "CHEMICAL ATTACK ON YOUR COUNTRY". So stop boasting man.
    I wonder how Brits are tolerating people like you.

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