“You Crushed OBAMA For Suggesting Talk with Kim”

CNN Cuomo Prime Time with Chris Cuomo – Breaking News 6/12/18. Former Trump National Security Council Spokeman Michael Anton talks about President Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un Summit which took place in Singapore.

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Written by frances

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  1. Name calling, you forgot trump’s over the top name calling.
    South Korea doesn’t want to be the battleground for nuclear war!

  2. They got back the white house so jackass trump can do say whatever while they did all they could to derail Obama got love good ol racist America right

  3. Did he just say "The N. Koreans did not object"?? I thought the whole idea of MAGA was we do our thing and don't care what anybody else thinks? Since when does Trump care about what Un thinks, because his poll numbers are in the toilet??

  4. Yes, O'BlunDER was crushed for even thinking about another apologetic, Give Away posturing!  'MEMBER that the N Korean Midget with the Bad Haircut has been threatening the US for several years due to the Imam O'BlunDERs WEAKNESS!  So, there IS a different Marshall in town now and it shows!

  5. Trump could have his tiny penis in their mouth and they would justify it by saying "it's ok at least he didn't cum".

  6. Damn right that bitch trump getting played,Trump is real funny, trump and Kim should be put in a boxing ring, I'll pay to see that,well trump get his wig knock off or will Kim Jong un get his soup bowl knock off

  7. Cuomo will always be complaining about Trump. That's the classic Democrat way. Complain, complain, complain … no solutions or action taken. All lip service.

  8. Cuomo obviously your just a verbal negative attacker every time someone comes on the network it's a anti Trump argument.Your Disgusting. Your body language is of a nut job .

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