You WON’T BELIEVE this is LEGO!!! | Brick Vlog #7

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In today’s Brick Vlog Jack is being weird again, Mike goes wow and we tackle the impossible.

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  1. I think that it says
    (1) Or (orange) big shelf 4 cents
    (1) Or (orange) bl (blue) gr (green) 1×1 need a jet 3 cents

  2. (1) Lt BL g SheLL 4Cents
    (1) Lt BL g 1×1 Noodlget 3Cents

    (x1) LoT BrickLink order Gamma Shell for $.04
    (x1) LoT BrickLink order Gamma 1×1 Nougat for $.03
    It looks to be a note from a bricklink vender who was short these bricks from finishing the order, the note being for the purpose of acquiring these before shipping.
    Then again I could be completely wrong which is likely.
    Lt could stand for light
    B …?
    Lg could stand for large
    And that last word really looks like NoodleJet but that doesn't make any sense so I would chalk it up to poor spelling.
    Nonetheless, it was a fun little puzzle that will ultimately remain a mystery.

  3. I only can assume Romoan, Jack, and mike love there jobs! Ever since the vlogs started I love brick vault more and more I think it’s because with the vlogs you feel connected to the creators and see the everyday life at brick vault I really enjoy these please don’t stop these

  4. I’m currently workout nag on a Star Wars build my self. I want to build the E-11 except kind of like a tactical version with a stock And bipod

  5. I'm not usually a vlog type of guy, but this was great. Cool music, great host, nice editing. Really well done, all you guys are really passionate about what you're doing here! 👏🏻

  6. You guys got donuts touch donuts. My parents house is literally up the hill from the one in Scripps.

  7. That crawler is a good idea to do. But after seeing all that space taken by parts…. I’m sticking to 3000 part builds… not 12000))))

  8. Your VLOGS are really entertaining…nice job! Even if someone wasn't into legos you would still entertain!

  9. The note says: metblgn shelf 49

    m 04 bl g 1×1 neod eyet 39 can i have a free lego set now? Thanks!

  10. Why are you guys not do reviews of robots and mechs on Lego ideas? I really don't get this! There is so much cool mechs that need your support! "Toralf mech", "Robo- Athlete" or "The Bullfrog" !!!

  11. @BrickVault if i buy instructions to the tie advanced do i get bricks or do i need to buy bricks another place because i have no idea where to buy bricks

  12. Hi, are you guys going to do a mini-figure scale MOC of the TIE Striker?  It would be awesome!!!!

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