Your smartphone can be hacked in 20 seconds! Know how to prevent it

Your smartphone can be hacked in 20 seconds! Know how to prevent it

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Written by frances

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  1. Chutiya minister Hai Kuch jyada hi oversmart ban rha Hai

    Maloom Kr lo Kuch knowledge n hoga it ka or bn baithe Hai it minister

  2. Iss mantri ki jarurat se jyaada satti savitri pana se muje issi per shaaq ho raha hai ki yahi mila huwa hai
    2nd thing he said we got app which is unhack
    Wo kya kerta hai ki aap k sabhi data ko iss ki server per link ker deta hai abh kissi ko bhi agar aap k mobile se kuch data chaiye toh iss k server se bhi permission lena padta hai
    But iss k server ko koi permission nahi leena padta aap k mobile se data leene k liye means ki abh agar kissi company ko agar india k mobile user ka data chaiye apne product k servey k liye toh iss company se poochana padega so he is going to be gain profit
    3 rd thing
    India may 30% kam crime rate in digital industry
    Bhai choori wah hoti hai jaha paisa ho hum log unn hackers ko kya denge bhai ? Aur kitne mobile ko hack kerne k badh uss hacker ko kya milenga time waste bus achha hai ki kisi europe ya america k citizen ka mobile hack kero kyu ki waha k log jyadater digital payments kerte hai

  3. OK…
    because I am a ethical hacker so for your permission
    1.install couple tracker from play store
    2.swipe right side and at down you see your user id please give me your user id so that I ask permission from you
    3.i will give all details of your phone
    Kya tumhe himmat hai to install karke user id batao

  4. Accha hua anchor IT ki degree nai ki.. Itna chota sa baat Mr. Saket itna acchi tarike se samjha rahe hai but minister aur anchor bewakuf wale sawal puche jaa rahe hai..

  5. so stupid that our it minister doesn't know the importance of cyber security and it's relation with personal security and national security.fuck all our politicians .they just care for votes and not the welfare of people

  6. shame on the part of IT minister and indian politicians .the US president,UK president etc..understand the importance of cyber security and it's relation with national security .it is time we wake up and take our security into our own hands

  7. The anchor wants to add spicy conversations to the show not allowing the expert to brief the technology, The Minister keep on mocks and threatens the techie not allowing him to focus on his speech. Overall the show looks so ugly.. When the westerns ask me, Why does Indian experts leave their home country and settle down in other places?? I will show them this video clip to make them realize the problem…

  8. A professional who claim himself a hacker in public must have his hands clean not violating any law and rules. The worst part of the show is a Person who was assigned as a department head of the country not knowing the difference between privacy and hack is teaching lessons to a Genius. Accept it, India is a developing nation in terms of technology…

  9. Ye IT Minister Super gadha,darpok hai…uske chamcha toh usse bada gadha hai.Salute u Saket for ur info to india for the reality of India

  10. Neta ki maki chut.
    Ma marjae iski .
    Sade modi ke Neta aise hai.
    Do modi ko vote .
    Ye chutia k pille neta aise mehnat krne walo pe chadte hai .

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