Ariana Grande Donutgate vs. Giuliana/Zendaya : Biggest Celeb Scandal of 2015

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Giulana Rancic joked her way to this battle while Ariana Grande licked her way here. You’re watching Clevver’s Best of 2015. But the question remains: who wins the crown for biggest celeb scandal of the year?! (karate chop)

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  1. its sad that a person who sarcastically said I hate america and licked a donut is still being talked about as if she's the worst person alive even though it happened months ago. get the fuck over it. we all do dumb things in our life and Ariana licking a donut doesn't show how bad of a person she is. she was in a good mood and it was the 4th of July and ended up doing something stupid. I'm sure we've all done something stupid when were in a good mood and ended up completely regretting it after so why is it any different for her. Ariana has done a LOT of good things but y'all tend to ignore it so why don't we try to pay attention to that instead of comparing everything she does to when she licked a donut, the dumbass rumours etc. y'all really over react.

  2. I love ari , but you forgot the first Twitter post she made saying she only meant that she hates far people and not ALL Americans lol , but the racist chick was worse .

  3. She licked a donut! My god get over it! She apologized, so just let it go! Why is this still even news? This wasn't even a scandal! People are making it way worse that it already is, Lets be real Ariana Licking those donuts was the best thing to happen to that donut shop. Just saying.

  4. The donut incident is probably the stupidest thing ever. I say "I hate America" a ton everyday. It's only an exaggeration of anger towards the stupid things Americans can do. I'm American, and proud to be so. Ariana apologized THREE TIMES and people still give her crap for it. Guiliana's is more serious because racism is more of a serious matter and still happens everywhere around the world. Not saying she's racist herself, but her comment most definitely was.

  5. It wasn't a scandal. It was a publicity stunt. It worked and got you people still talking about it. It didn't help her career though. Can't get #1 anymore. Shame.
    Partner up with Adele or Taylor Swift, then you can. Poor girl.

  6. at the end of the video she is seen buying the donut she licked and she apologized so freaking much. Its not like u never said anything horrible. LEAVE ARI ALONE!!! IM NOT SAYING IT JUST CAUSE I LIKE HER

  7. So what if Ariana increased the value of that donut, I bet there are people out there willing to pay a lot of money for that.

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