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Written by frances

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  1. From an outsider looking in – your gun culture is screwing your country. The land of the free is a place where you are free to be shot in the streets like a dog. It was not an armed, trained civilian that stopped that nutjob with 10+ high powered weapons at hand – it was SWAT.

  2. "When the law disallows both the means and moral authority to defend one's self and property, crime and violence fill the void between common sense and the hoped for utopia."
    – JD Filkins

  3. This is the price America pays for having such relaxed laws in regards to gun ownership. America is the most armed nation on earth. America can never be invaded by any nation because it has the biggest civilian army in the world…..its 300 million armed citizens lol. But unfortunately, because of this ease of access of firearms, there will always be civilian consequences and casualties.

  4. hey ozzy, mad respect, i am disappointed that you use the word "faggot", I am not gay, but it is a offensive term, and I can see many may feel disrespected, I believe we all have to rise above that, if I wasn't such a big fan, i would have never commented. Still a big fan.

  5. Annually fewer than 14,000 are murdered by guns however 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes, making it the third leading preventable cause of death in the USA. And that is from a completely OPTIONAL product that is NOT protected by any amendments. Oh but of course every time we have a shooting the hypocrites cry for a ban. They never cry for an alcohol ban when a wrong way DUI kills a bunch of people do they. Of course not because they all drink. F**king hypocrites.

  6. I am sure you'll get your btc back bro! Just keep making noise. Not sure if they are scamming you or anyone else. Just a few things fell through the cracks. Shit like this always happens with the implementation of new companies. They seem to be following in the footsteps of Bitconnect and I am sure they don't need any early blemishes.You will get your money bro. I think lol. But the question is, when you get it will you continue to invest and will you promote them on your channel…or will you continue to be a hater lol? Because you did invest!

  7. Great video brother, never let 'em take our guns! They are the only reason we are not slaves to the whims of the government.

  8. Your son have a mental illness and you allowed him to have a rifle ? Mental illness and guns don’t sound good…

  9. To be clear my SON DOES NOT HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS I was merely using as example some people r misunderstanding the comment

  10. Australia banned guns after port arthur massacre in 1996 and we didnt have any mass shootings since, banning weapons works here.

    Americans are so in love with their guns and everytime some lunatic decides to kill there is no one to take him down despite everyone having 20 guns?
    Its always cops that kills or killer commits suicide.

    Even ozzy with his ar15 would not be able to stop guys like stephen paddok.

    What other solutions are out ther if not disarming incompetent citizens?

  11. Over 200 million ppl in this country let's give everyone assault rifles if they want with 100round clips ….what could possibly go wrong?

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