Funny News Bloopers of the Week #5 (September 2017)

Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in the second week of September 2017. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

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Written by frances

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  1. Try telling someone going through caffeine withdrawal that coffee can wait. I bet if she were younger she would've ripped his head off for saying that.

  2. I keep seeing the Irma Florida hurricane trajectory boffin being show in videos. What's the deal? He clearly explains the trajectory using global standards and people seem to present him as speaking another language. How is he hilarious???

  3. The funniest part about the guy at 7:15 was that he was half right. The hurricane was in fact actually going west, not North like so many meteorologists kept claiming. That was the reason it never reached Virginia. He was also right that it wouldn't get much worse, the only thing that was off was his timing. It wasn't going to weaken until right after it violently hit Florida. When weather forecasters become so infamous for fucking up, I guess the people have to start learning shit themselves.

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