PS3 Hacker vs. Sony

George Hotz or GeoH0t was the first person to jailbreak an iPhone and last month, the first to fully hack the PS3 console. He released the code online, along with a how-to video, and now faces legal battles. .

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  1. Exactly what i think lol,
    We should be able to do whatever we want to what we buy
    Thats why i am working on a downgrade tool for the ps4.
    I just have to find a way to flash the console and well be free to use the ps4
    Then ill find a jailbreak and possibl perminant cfw 😉

  2. i love how he says there going to ban any one who uses hacks but everyone else is free to play as they choose.note to gamers sony also has you sign terms when you go to play online saying .you are prohibited from engaging in any of the following

    under section b:abusing ,intimidating,or harrasing others in stalking like behavior.

    no wear does it say in those terms ,oh sony only inforces those terms agaist your account if it happens in a first party sony game.

    yet sure anough thats what the stupid sony worker told me over the phone

    yup bitch just gave out your own loop wholes what know

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