Star Wars Episode 9 Kylo Ren Exciting News & More!

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to star wars episode 9 and the character Kylo Ren portrayed by Adam Driver! We will be going into star wars episode 9 spoilers…potential spoilers. That comes from the star wars episode 9 plot leak. Kylo Ren made his return in star wars the last jedi and now it seems kylo ren will be getting a new ship that will look different than his current shuttle.



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  1. After I started writing my own Star Wars script I realized just how linear the new movies are. George Lucas was far better at writing a more dynamic story and characters even though the prequels did have some problems. We got to see space battles. Ground battles. Governments. Unique alien locations all in one movie. Although the tone and visuals are good in most of the new movies they are very limited in scope.

  2. Kylo Ren has a new car. So what!!! If his story arc continues to be the load of crap it has up until now a new set of wheels isn't going to redeem it. Character progression and interesting story elements are what make thing EXCITING. Not new toys.

  3. SPOILER….. Ray goes back in time saves kylo and luke from falling out and repairs all the bull shit from 7 and 8.

  4. Kylo Renn as played by Adam Driver is the best thing of the whole trilogy.

    Imperial Shuttle- design wise iconic and a favourite of mine.

    I think you right Mike that Johnson. trilogy will shoot off from the end of Episode IX given all the talk of the unknown regions which is where I assume IX will end.

    However they will always leave it open for Episode X onwards (they where planning a hiatus anyway ) but any SAGA films thar may happen in the future need to move away from the Skywalker family and be set way into the future.

    Let the Republic have another 1000 years or generations of piece.

  5. Why would Kylo need a "new" ship??? :/ He already have his Tie Silencer so why new ship? :/
    doesn't makes sense to me. Also: why would J.J add new characters and new planets when at the end of Skywalker saga we can return to what's old and falimiar 😀

  6. Kylo a pussy character compared to other bad guys in SW film he the worse whining bitch after he killed Han Solo his transformation to the dark side should of been complete but in TLJ he was still the same so what was the point of killing him killing Han ?

  7. kylo ren is really badly written, one minute he slaughtered 90% of a jedi academy, the next he gets his ass handed to him by an untrained girl in the first movie

  8. Disney is fucking up the whole star wars universe.i didn't even go see solo because I knew it was gonna be trash.lucas needs to step back in and rebuy the franchise before anymore damage is already done.

  9. Mike, they ruined the character of Kylo by having him get pushed around by a girl with no jedi training and then having some weak light saber fighting in the Last Jedi.. the whole trilogy could of been epic if they focused it on Kylo instead of Rey…now they have dog shit on a plate and only idiots who didnt see the original trilogy are eating it up.. i have sold all my Disney stock

  10. Star Wars has become the embodiment of cancer. The only exciting news for Star Wars will be when its officially dead or in the hands of somone who has respect for the franchise & its fans.

  11. I visit these channels to see if there's any news that could get me even mildly interested in ep.IX. Something that ties Rey into the Skywalker bloodline perhaps, or something that convinces me that Kylo won't just brood and wait to be redeemed yet AGAIN. Maybe even something to convince me that we can make some sense of the scenes involving Rey and her past in ep.VII .

    I haven't seen anything yet.

  12. Ryan dumbson is filming 3 movie's they are STAR TREK disguise as star wars LOL what a dumb dumb dumb DUMBSON

  13. Differnt shipfor each advancement in rank. Plus if you're the supreme leader you can have whatever you want. Black is snazzy

  14. Dude… you really need to stop putting "exciting news" in every title!
    They rarely are… and everyone hates clickbait.
    Besides, I like your content without clockbait. You don't need it.

  15. So he has three ships in an attempt to make their money back in toy sales? They still don't have a story that's worth being told or watched for that matter. This is a sad state of affairs in star wars right now. I have 0 interest in episode IX and could care less what happens to any of these characters. Kylo could have been awesome and they turned him into a Vader fanboy that throws temper tantrums when he gets a little bad news. Bad… just bad

  16. Kyle should kill Rey, then feel remorse and turn back to the light after talking to anakin and Luke force ghosts.

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