Star Wars The Last Jedi Kylo Ren & Rey NEW Detail Revealed!

Today we go over some star wars the last jedi news that has all to do with Kylo Ren and Rey! this comes from the star wars the last jedi entertainment weekly coverage for the film! the star wars the last jedi ew coverage has given us great images and information giving us a better understanding of the film. Hope you all enjoyed todays star wars the last jedi news for these two amazing characters! Personally I cannot wait to see where the last jedi ending scene brings us into star wars episode 9.



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  1. Vader will make a force ghost to Luke warning him about Rey
    Which is why Luke is skeptical about Rey. Vader also talks about snoke. Dude…what if

  2. Cool.
    Kylo-Ren is going to feel the light side again when he sees Rey being tortured. Much like Vader did when Luke was being torchered by Palpatine. Kylo-Ren won't be strong enough. Snoke will order his guards to kill KiloRen. Kylo-Ren will kill them all but him and Reys powers won't match Snoke's.i believe that
    Luke is going to save Rey and Kylo-Ren from Snoke.
    Chewbacca will have a hard time finding peace with Kylo-Ren. It's a theory.
    Good job.

  3. I think that whatever happens to them it’s gonna leave a cliffhanger at the end of the movie, because after all they are both the protagonists of this film.

  4. Tell ya what Mike, I think the ending is gonna go something like this: Yes we are gonna have all our major plot points like the evacuation of Dacar, the search for DJ on Canto byte in Cantanica hence for the big mission on Snokes Supremecy, we will get all the Acto training scenes plus the Nights Of Ren scene, Kylo will be doing a lot of burning things down heck that's what he does right? The beginning of TFA in that village on Jackuu, The Temple in flashbacks, the Forcetree, and then the final burn down and of course this happens in the battle of Crate in the 3rd act but and this is the big but…the ending after Kylo goes to Crate where Lea's fate is final and he basically burns down Crate as you see him lead his troopers in because of the money value of the place for the resistance….he's gonna capture Rey bring her to Snoke. She's not gonna resist. She's gonna be telling Luke through this movie that she needs to confront this evil for herself bc its calling to her. Luke will be telling her to resist it & she's not strong enough. She's also gonna find out some things on Acto that she doesn't trust skywalker through her lucid dreams of the past in meditation where she will be called by the evil. .So she goes with Kylo after he burns down Crate. As you see she looks determined and not afraid of Snoke as if its her destiny. Rey will confront him with Kylo behind her. Snoke will torture her. Kylo will intervine somehow (this is where we will get the huge revelation) . Kylo will help Rey but it wont be enough. This is where a new character we have no idea about will show up. Maybe a real sith. Luke wont leave Acto till he feels his sisters coma or death (don't ask me why) and this horrible presence he hadn't felt in a long time. This is where the climax happens. After the torture of Rey and the redemption of Kylo they are out numbered meaning Rey and Kylo are in deep trouble bc of this new presence R Johnson has kept from us, this is where Luke goes down to the waters edge and you hear the Skywalker music theme play and you see Luke close his eyes like Yoda did in The Empire Strikes Back as he raises his xwing out of the waters of Acto just like Yoda did. R2 will still be on the planet. As the x wing raises out of the water with that emotional music playing Luke will lay it down on the coast very slowly. He'll grab his gear, and say ready to end this R2? R2 will beep a few things and Luke will say "Here we come Snoke, here we come. And we'll see the wing fly off into hyperspace where where led to believe he's going after Snoke and whateva the other threat is if there even is one…….then your credits roll

  5. When Snoke says Darkness rises and the light to meet it, he's talking to Rey and Kylo. I think the scene where Rey is being tortured by Snoke is actually Snoke and Kylo pulling her in opposite directions, or Snoke and Luke.

  6. Would be awesome if in Episode 9 if Luke, Kylo, and Rey fight Snoke. If Snoke is as powerful in the force as I think he is. Then it would be pretty bad ass if it took all 3 to take him down.

  7. So their fates being locked together basically hints at them eventually being lovers right…in other words Reylo is happening and you will never convince me otherwise

  8. Premise: Continuation of the Skywalker FAMILY. Pretty Obvious they are intertwined like a puzzle – they both have SKYWALKER blood. The plot elements still point to Rey being the daughter of Luke Skywalker +400 betting odds at the Vegas Bookmakers. Have to Trust their connections. At the last minute they will find this connection before anything romantically serious happens. Means lots of tension. The burning down and killing of Luke's Jedi Temple and students has made him unable to connect with his roots. What a ride it will be. Whoa-Whoaaaaaa Listen to the Music……….

  9. Interlocking…they are playing out the Yin/Yang opposites. Darkness with some light (one of the final song titles "There is good in him") and light with some darkness ("Fight it Rey!"). They will join forces to fight Smoke in the final movie. Question is whether Luke survives the last movie. Reylo fans may end up right. Lol

  10. At the beginning Rey won't know about Kylo's pulling to the light but later on She will discover that and that fact will probably change her view over Ben Solo because he wants to help Rey rather than kill her. Kylo Ren must be killed by Ben Solo in order to unite with Rey.

  11. Kylo and Rey are killing Snoke and getting outta dodge at the end of this one….. I still can't shake the thought of Kylo and Rey being related somehow, Idk…

  12. i wonder what we are more likely to see in this film, Carrie Fisher's character Leia having a reunion with Luke or having a mother-son reunion with Kylo Ren

  13. Starting to think Snoke has kylo as bait as his main target has been rey the whole time. 'the dark rises and the light to meet it' Also starting to wonder if rey was hidden so she couldnt join up with kylo. They'd be a devastating duo if they teamed up.

  14. Actually it will be cool if Rei and Kylo team up to destroy First Order, Resistance and rule galaxy together, so Resistance and First Order need to work together.

    Or they will kill Snoke and Luke.

  15. The picture with Rey and Kylo in the throne room sends chills up my spine, to be honest. There is something chilling about this. If these two join forces it will pretty awesome. Maybe after Kylo saves Rey they go to where Luke is. If they go straight to the resistance base a lot of people will not embrace Kylo even if he did save Rey. Might be interesting to see both Poe's and Finn's reactions though.

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