The Forks Are Coming + What It Means – ETH, Bitcoin Gold, B2X, Getting Real Information – CMTV Ep64

As October moves forward we are getting closer to the two latest Bitcoin Forks that could cause a surge in FUD throughout the markets. In today’s video we’re going to talk about what it means for the price of BTC and also an important discussion about getting information that will make you BIG profits.


ETH Hard Fork:
JP Morgan Transaction Platform:
BTC Fork Guide:
Coin Dance Block:
BT2x Futures:

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Written by frances

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  1. Hei man. Have been following you and watching your videos for the last months… one advice. You are 80% of the time ''philosophy crypto commentator''. And that's a good thing. What do i mean by philosophy commentator… your advises are mostly hollow … no strong info from the videos but, still very informative regarding investors thinking process. Maybe get more into that… You are doing very good in my opinion but just sharing my thoughts

  2. Bitcoin's going up due to people already in crypto prepping for forks…. alts won't rise because it's not new money coming in.

  3. I m buying into Cardano in 100-200 coin increments as it slid today. Got in at 514 down to 503 (low .03). Feeling good about the sale items I am accruing.

  4. You are a game changing outside the box thinker my friend and I hope it rubs off! I don't mind the long videos anymore, my man is spitting knowledge!

  5. another great video…always good sound content. as you said, good information is critical and the keen eye sees what's found between the lines and, sometimes, by omission

  6. You keep talking about getting information nobody else has, but that is basically insider trading. I know there are no laws for crypto right now, but it's hard to get inside information regarding JP Morgan. I am a big fan of Coin Mastery, but telling people to go out and find out what JP Morgan is planning before it's public is pretty crazy advice and virtually impossible for everyone but a small handful of people.

  7. Very Difficult to listen to your vids mate, its the Bass its up too high…….. Is it me and my subwoofer or is anyone else having this aswell ?

  8. Hey Carter so glad to see these shorter videos. Much easier to digest and more efficient. Love the content brother. Thanks for doing what you do.

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