What REALLY Happened to SNOKE in The Last Jedi (SPOILERS) – Star Wars Theory Explained

In Star Wars the Last Jedi Snoke ends up (???) where Kylo Ren fulfills his destiny in the throne room. I know many think this scene is how it really is, but I’m here to explain why it IS NOT. Man it’s really hard to explain things in the title and description without spoilers 😀

I hope you all enjoyed the film. I thought Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker very well, however I would have liked to see the old Luke, the powerful one to train Rey.

Let me know what you thought, good luck in the lightsaber contest (ends Dec 25) and may the force be with YOU…ALWAYS!!!!!



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  1. What do you all think REALLY happened to him? I was shocked and really disappointed, however upon thinking deeper about everything…I think there's more to this…
    Thanks for watching and let me know what your thoughts are. Have an AWESOME day and I'll see you all in the next episode of Star Wars Theory!
    Until then, my fellow Jedi and Sith friends, remember…the FORCE will be with YOU…ALWAYS!!!!

    Contest ends – Dec 25th! Good luck!

  2. Actually you can see just after Rey put the books into that draw. After Luke's appearance I knew Snoke was not dead. I actually kind of thought that it was far to easy to kill Snoke.

  3. There's such a doze of optimism in this vid, I think you are a true Jedi. Me, personally, I think this is too much good thinking injected in a badly-written movie driven by a political and social agenda. But that's just me. I am no Jedi.

  4. How the hell did leia pull herself back into the ship? Seriously she performed a feat greater than snoke and luke

  5. He got raped. I feel as though the death of Snoke was a show that Kilo was much more powerful than we believed. By preventing Snoke from seeing what was truly within his mind, even fooling him, and then killing him.

  6. Sorry, People Snoke is not the "Palpatine" character people were looking for. JJ Abrams don't care about continuity or good story telling. All he cares about is explosions. The writers so much wanted to out-do George Lucas bit fall short every time.

  7. Hate to burst your bubble but Mary Sue Kennedy and Rian Cuck Johnson is running this show.  Snoke is dead. Move on.

  8. “I think it’ll be just fine. They would be insane to kill off their biggest characters.”
    Stares at Darth Maul

    Also would love to get Yoda or Luke’s Lightsaber. Something green. Or purple Mace Windu as a second choice.

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